Art Heals.



Addict to Artist is a support group that promotes the healing power of creative living in recovery. We aim to turn addiction’s destruction into sobriety’s success through the Erase and Replace Philosophy – erasing addiction and replacing it with something of greater value. We find this greater value in art.

We are a free community support group available to anyone touched by addiction. Whether you are in recovery yourself or have family or friends who have, or are currently battling addiction, come join us.



We are a different kind of addiction recovery support group. Our approach utilizes and cultivates the incredible, healing power of creative living. While we promote the expression of a full range of ideas and emotions in our group meetings, our main focus is to create a positive, uplifting environment for our members and their families to support one another. Thus we urge to keep language and themes clean and constructive.


Art heals. Art allows for a safe, healthy way to express emotions. It allows one to express themself slowly, and at their own pace. Art helps one to delve into their true, authentic self, and express emotions and pains that language often doesn't have the ability to convey. 


Everyone is an artist. It doesn’t matter if you have a particular talent or ability in a popular art form, expressing creativity doesn't require any talent or special training. To be creative is to discover and express ideas, thoughts, and emotions in ever-changing ways.


We aim to alter the perception of the word “addict” in the public eye, and in the mind of the sufferers themselves. Not only can one heal from the disease of addiction, but they can also become a creator. They can give to a community that they formally only took from.


We heal together. Children and families will always be welcome at our meetings, because no one can go through recovery alone. The family members of the addicted need to heal as well. It is our belief that we can all do it together, at the same time, in the same meeting.


“In order to maintain sobriety, one must have a purpose.”

Blu Robinson  |  ADDICT II ATHLETE Founder


Lasting Sobriety

Blu Robinson, Founder of Addict II Athlete, said, “In order to maintain sobriety, one must have a purpose”. We have found that purpose in creativity, and in sharing it with others. Not only are we healing together, we are creating and giving back together. Addict To Artist gives an individual facing addiction recovery, the ability to give back to a community they formerly only took from.


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